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Under the Hood: UForge AppCenter 3.6

Written by James Weir le 29 october 2015

Christmas comes early this year with the arrival of the latest version of UForge AppCenter, bringing you a bumper pack of new features and functionality. We've put a stake in the ground for supporting Docker, as you'll have seen from our previous blog posts. This release also includes a brand new plugin service for our enterprise partners that fundamentally changes how UForge AppCenter can be integrated with 3rd party services; and we've given our user interface a facelift.


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How to Build Docker Base Images

Written by Jean-Fran├žois Knoepfli le 26 october 2015

This is the second in our series of Docker blog posts. The first post, by James our CTO, focused on why UShareSoft for Docker software governance and transparency. In this post, we'll tell you exactly how to build a Docker base image using our tools.

By a base image, we mean a machine image containing just the necessary bits required to launch your container image. You can do this in two ways: using our UForgeNow SaaS platform, or using hammr, an open source tool for creating machine images for different environments from a single configuration file.

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Ensuring Software Governance for Docker Images

Written by James Weir le 21 october 2015

governance for docker Docker is indisputably one of fastest-growing technologies around today. In fact, Docker, Inc. reports more than 300 million instances of its open source container software have been downloaded from Docker Hub in just a couple of years.

Containers, of course, have been around for years. But Docker has quickly become de facto standard, largely due to one thing: simplicity. Containers no longer require the same levels of in-depth technical expertise and lengthy manual assembly as they once did. What's more, Docker offers flexibility and provides a lightweight approach that is ideal for cloud.

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