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Découvrez le Cloud Hybride avec APX, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudwatt, NetApp & UShareSoft

Written by Gillian Gover le 06 march 2014

Rejoignez-nous du 18 mars au 15 avril 2014 pour vous renseigner sur le cloud hybride, et découvrir la nouvelle solution cloud hybride "plug and play", Plug2watt.

UShareSoft, APX, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudwatt et NetApp seront présents à Bordeaux, Lille, Strasboug, Paris, Nantes, Marseille et Lyon, pour vous aider à concrétiser vos projets cloud.

Inscrivez-vous maintenant!

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Two Workloads. One Cloud.

Written by James Weir le 20 september 2013

Today, UShareSoft's partner, Citrix, is announcing CloudPlatform 4.2, which will orchestrate both cloud-native workloads and existing enterprise workloads within a single cloud management platform.

Why is that important for UShareSoft and our customers?

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How to build a cloud from the ground up

Written by Gillian Gover le 21 september 2012

UForge and CloudStack As most of you probably know by now, our goal at UShareSoft is to help you simplify delivery of your software to whichever cloud or virtualization platform you use (or plan to use). As part of that, we've committed to support multiple hypervisors and IaaS platforms so you can implement a hybrid strategy or transition easily from virtualization to cloud.

But we know that we're just a part of your journey to cloud. That means that we're always on the lookout for partners who complement our products and can help us help you.

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