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AWS Marketplace: The Missing Link?

Written by Gillian Gover le 28 august 2012

A couple of months ago, AWS launched a new Marketplace where customers can find cloud software and launch it directly on AWS. The Marketplace now includes a few hundred AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) ranging from base OS images, to LAMP stacks up to fully-fledged business application stacks.

Here at UShareSoft, we're pretty excited by the AWS Marketplace. That does sound like an awful canned PR quote. But really: we are. Our mission has always been to simplify software delivery and the new AWS Marketplace is designed to do exactly that. We believe that the number of application marketplaces will expand massively in the future, reaching hundreds or thousands of stores catering to different verticals, individual country requirements, various ISV ecosystems and much more.

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UShareSoft Launches Multi-Cloud Enterprise App Store Platform

Written by Gillian Gover le 12 june 2012

It's been an exciting few weeks here at UShareSoft, preparing for today's launch of UForge App Store, a multi-cloud platform that enables cloud providers, enterprises and ISVs to build their own application marketplace.

We believe that UForge App Store is truly unique. Blah-blah-blah, more marketing, I hear you cry. Well, yes. Obviously, we like to blow our own trumpet .... But also, no. Because unlike existing application marketplaces, which are typically little more than a library of “black box” images ready for provisioning, UForge is a dynamic, collaborative platform. It doesn't just include the new online store front where users can easily find software and applications for the cloud. It also includes our VM builder, for automatically modeling, creating, sharing and maintaining custom application stacks as cloud server templates, ready for publishing to the marketplace.

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