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Migrate a VMware Fusion Server to Amazon Web Services in less then one hour

Written by Paul Laskin le 27 january 2014

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and watch how easy UForge makes migrating a live server on VMware to AWS. Total time for migration from start to finish is 44 minutes. That’s less time then it takes to make a batch of Jamie Oliver’s Pouting Fish Fingers.
The YouTube video should appear but if it doesn't here is the link

For this demo I migrated a VMware Fusion server running OwnCloud to Amazon Web Services (AWS). OwnCloud is an application that allows one to share and sync files, events and more thru a slick web interface. The OwnCloud server is running under CentOS 6 - x86-64 with a single 10 Gig boot volume.
Using UForge, I kicked off the scan by installed a light weight agent on the OwnCloud server. The agent communicates back to UForge with information on the operating system, packages and files. The scan completed in 13 minutes. From there, I had UForge generate and publish a disk image to AWS.
You decide whether you want an Instance Store or EBS backed volume. I went with a single 10 Gig EBS volume. UForge will then publish the image to AWS S3, register the AMI, launch the server, create and snapshot EBS volume and finally shut down the server.
Total time from launching UForge to logging into OwnCloud running on a t1.micro is 43 minutes. Faster then whipping up Pouting Fish Fingers. Plus, since I have the original scan in UForge, I can turn around and deploy it to any other cloud, virtual or physical environment I’d like.
Sign up for a UForge account and try it out yourself. I mean, come on, in the time you spent reading this and watching the video you could have been half way through your scan.

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AWS Marketplace: The Missing Link?

Written by Gillian Gover le 28 august 2012

A couple of months ago, AWS launched a new Marketplace where customers can find cloud software and launch it directly on AWS. The Marketplace now includes a few hundred AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) ranging from base OS images, to LAMP stacks up to fully-fledged business application stacks.

Here at UShareSoft, we're pretty excited by the AWS Marketplace. That does sound like an awful canned PR quote. But really: we are. Our mission has always been to simplify software delivery and the new AWS Marketplace is designed to do exactly that. We believe that the number of application marketplaces will expand massively in the future, reaching hundreds or thousands of stores catering to different verticals, individual country requirements, various ISV ecosystems and much more.

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