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Automating for Agility, Control and Consistency in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Written by Gillian Gover - 06 june 2017

webinarWe're excited to announce that we will be doing a Webinar with 451 Research, and Cloudsoft on June 22 at 11AM EST/4PM UK/5pm CET.

William Fellows, 451 Research Vice President will be hosting the webinar with our CTO James Weir, as well as Alex Heneveld, Co-Founder & CTO of our partner Cloudsoft, on the topic of Automating for Agility, Control and Consistency in a Multi-Cloud Environment.

About This Webinar

Register here.

Wif will present insights into the use of cloud and digital transformation setting the scene for James and Alex to drill down into the role of DevOps in delivering effectively. The DevOps culture shift is amplified with tools that give each stakeholder immediate value with the combined power of UForge and Cloudsoft AMP delivering:

  • Repeatable, reliable deployments of any system anywhere.
  • Quantify what works. Test in hybrid cloud and multiple locations.
  • Record performance. Models of stacks and blueprints that everyone can understand, share, source control, reproduce, test and audit.

To register for the event, click here.

Find out more about 451 Research and Cloudsoft.

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How to Avoid a Hybrid IT Implementation Headache

Written by James Weir - 03 may 2016

Hybrid IT adoption continues to grow at an exponential pace. 15% of large enterprises already have a Hybrid environment in place, according to Gartner’s emerging technologies Hype Cycle, with that figure set to grow significantly in the next two to five years.

Enterprises are looking to take advantage of the agility benefits of new fast IT environments without sacrificing the control and security they have come to expect from traditional robust IT datacentres.

Bridging the gap between old and new is the key to headache-free Hybrid IT implementation, but that process inevitably presents a number of significant challenges.

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Supported cloud and hypervisor formats in UForge

Written by Gillian Gover - 21 january 2016

Following Elaine's recent post on supported operating systems in the latest UForge AppCenter 3.6 release, here's a quick recap of the supported output formats (cloud, virtual and physical).

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And in other news .... hammr wins the OW2 Innovation Award

Written by Gillian Gover - 20 november 2015

fujitsu logoWe're wrapping up a great week here at UShareSoft. On Tuesday we announced that the company has been acquired by the Fujitsu Group, who will be integrating our UForge platform into their Cloud Service K5, part of the Digital Business MetaArc platform. Additionally, UShareSoft will be leading Fujitsu's new European cloud services R&D center to help drive the company's global cloud business.

Read the full press release here.

On the same day, UShareSoft's hammr project, also won the 2015 OW2 Innovation Award at this years Annual Conference. hammr is an open source command line tool, based on Python, for creating repeatable machine images for hybrid cloud from a single configuration file.

We're very proud of the team that develop hammr, which has already been integrated into AppHub, the European open source marketplace, and will enable OW2 projects to easily include their software in the OW2 Market Place, by providing ready-to-use templates that include operating system packages, configuration logic, other required software and of course, the OW2 project itself.

ow2 awards

You can find out more about hammr and the team, and download it from Use it, contribute and let us know what you think.

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Under the Hood: UForge AppCenter 3.6

Written by James Weir - 29 october 2015

Christmas comes early this year with the arrival of the latest version of UForge AppCenter, bringing you a bumper pack of new features and functionality. We've put a stake in the ground for supporting Docker, as you'll have seen from our previous blog posts. This release also includes a brand new plugin service for our enterprise partners that fundamentally changes how UForge AppCenter can be integrated with 3rd party services; and we've given our user interface a facelift.


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