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3 Routes to Workload Migration in Hybrid IT

Written by Gillian Gover - 27 january 2017

docker logo Since our new UForge Migration service launched a couple of years ago, we've developed a certain amount of expertise in the nuts and bolts of moving your workloads to the cloud, or between clouds. We make no claim to address all your workload migration challenges, of course. When you're looking at a full analysis of all your datacenter applications, for example, then companies like our parent company, Fujitsu, provide great services to help you through. Once that's done, however, Fujitsu teams will be using UForge Migration and other tools to actually migrate the applications.

However, we do understand what our customers are looking for when they migrate to cloud, and the sorts of approaches they can take. CTO James Weir, recently authored a blog post outlining three potential approaches you can take to cloud workload migration within a hybrid IT environment, and the pros and cons of each.

Read the full post here.

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Fujitsu World Tour: Human Centric Innovation in Action

Written by Gillian Gover - 14 june 2016

Last week, the UShareSoft team attended the Parisian leg of Fujitsu's World Tour, a great event around the theme of "Human Centric Innovation in Action".

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How to Avoid a Hybrid IT Implementation Headache

Written by James Weir - 03 may 2016

Hybrid IT adoption continues to grow at an exponential pace. 15% of large enterprises already have a Hybrid environment in place, according to Gartner’s emerging technologies Hype Cycle, with that figure set to grow significantly in the next two to five years.

Enterprises are looking to take advantage of the agility benefits of new fast IT environments without sacrificing the control and security they have come to expect from traditional robust IT datacentres.

Bridging the gap between old and new is the key to headache-free Hybrid IT implementation, but that process inevitably presents a number of significant challenges.

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UShareSoft Launches Latest Product Releases: UForge AppCenter 3.6 and UForge Marketplace 3.1

Written by Gillian Gover - 15 october 2015

Today, we're announcing new releases of our cloud application delivery products, UForge AppCenter 3.6 and UForge Marketplace 3.1. Letting you easily build, migrate, ship and govern applications for containers and cloud, UForge remains the best enterprise platform for automating end-to-end application governance and delivery for hybrid IT environments. We also have new initiatives in place including the AppHub European open source marketplace, new global distribution partners such as Crayon, and new customers including the Talend Exchange Marketplace.

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Tutorial: Migrate Live Servers to Microsoft Azure

Written by James Weir - 29 july 2014

As you know, we recently launched our new UForge for Microsoft Azure platform, which lets you template software or migrate live servers to Azure. We're currently running a series of tutorials to help you get the most from UForge. In this post, I'll take you through how you can migrate live Linux servers to Azure.

If you missed my last post on registering your Azure credentials in UForge, you can take a look here. You should also check that your chosen Linux operating system is supported in Azure. You can find that information on Microsoft's web site.

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