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Does your company need a Chief Happiness Officer?

Written by Gillian Gover - 30 june 2017

We’re just back from the latest leg of the Fujitsu World Tour, currently travelling through Europe and Asia. As a member of the Fujitsu Group and playing a key role in Fujitsu’s cloud software development in Europe, UShareSoft has attended several events over the past few weeks. So we thought it was about time to put pen to paper, and when better than following the event in our home country of France.

This year’s event took place in the quirky location of “Le 104” in Paris’ 19th district. A melting pot of technology, artistic creation and long-standing history (it houses a start-up incubator, provides a meeting point for artistic projects and co-creation and was the site of a stables in the 19th century), Le 104 is symbolic of Fujitsu’s historical commitment to innovation and new focus on digital co-creation with customers.

collaboration with french governmentKicking off with Fujitsu’s President, Tatsuya Tanaka, and closing out with former French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, the event was designed to celebrate the close relationship between Japan and France. Following Fujitsu’s acquisitions of French start-ups, RunMyProcess and UShareSoft, the company is investing a further 50 millions euros in France over the next five years to support digital innovation including a joint research program into Artificial Intelligence (AI). (Read more about this here.)

So what are some of the trends we’re seeing among French enterprises?

Digital transformation and AI implementations are well underway among Fujitsu enterprise customers in France. (Only 2.3% of attendees classified digital business as "un rêve doux" or a "sweet dream". Obviously, they’re the 2.3% we still need to convince…) In fact, the primary concern of 55% of customers attending the event is managing and accompanying change within their business. Security, finding the right skills and complex IT environment remain concerns, but employee acceptance is top of mind. Chief Digital Officer at Total, Gilles Cochevelou, who is responsible for Total’s digital transformation, went so far as to say he believes his real title should actually be "Chief Happiness Officer".

accompanying change

Following on from the above, companies recognize that improving employee collaboration plays a critical role in successful digital transformation initiatives. When asked about their main concern with their company’s working environment, almost 1/3 of attendees replied that it didn’t encourage collaborative working. This was followed by the fact that it wasn’t personalized enough, wasn’t digital enough and wasn’t mobile enough. Again Total’s Gilles Cochevelou highlighted the success the company has had by focusing on employee collaboration with a new "collaboration rooms" rollout.

employee collaboration

Hybrid IT is critical to digital transformation. Over 1/3 of attendees expect their hybrid IT infrastructure to deliver the agility, consistency and simplicity that IT departments require to meet the needs of the business, well ahead of IT service availability, faster innovation, cost reduction, security and multi-cloud governance, as you can see from the photo.

hybrid it

Obviously this last point is close to our hearts. If you follow UShareSoft, you’ll know that we’re all about bringing just that – agility, consistency and simplicity – to your application deployments in hybrid IT environments. And the visitors to our booth yesterday were quick to grasp that.

We’ll be taking the show to London next week, so if you’re in the UK or read to travel, then visit us there to see for yourself. Register here.

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