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New "Plug and Play" Hybrid Cloud Offering from UShareSoft, Cisco France, APX and Cloudwatt

Written by Gillian Gover - 24 january 2014

Today, UShareSoft, Cisco France, Cloudwatt and APX is announcing one of the industry's first off-the-shelf hybrid computing solutions, Plug2watt.

While definitions of what hybrid cloud still vary significantly, most commentators tend to agree that it will see real, widespread use in the next few years. In fact, Gartner estimates that almost 50 percent of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by 2017.

Typically, hybrid cloud deployments aim to balance the on-demand capacity offered by public cloud computing, with the enterprise need to keep control over their applications and data. However, despite the fact that many vendors are jumping on the bandwagon, few integrated, easy-to-use hybrid cloud solutions exist. The Plug2watt platform enables French business to easily implement their own private cloud, and works out-of-the-box with national cloud provider, Cloudwatt, for public cloud functionality.

As our CEO, Alban Richard, says: "This integrated FlexPod-Plug2watt solution is a major milestone in the maturity of hybrid cloud offerings for the enterprise. It offers a ready-to-use solution that also allows customers to keep full control and governance of their software and applications."

For our French readers, Eric Debray at Cisco France, gives a great overview of how Plug2watt works. Read his blog post here.

How Plug2watt works

The Plug2watt principle is simple. System integrator, APX, installs FlexPod, which includes Cisco servers and NetApp storage, as well as the UForge portal, at the customer site to provide a local private cloud. Thanks to the hybrid capabilities of the UForge platform, users can migrate, create and maintain application images locally, or remotely for Cloudwatt's public cloud. With entry-level to high-end FlexPod configurations available, Plug2watt can meet the needs of mid-sized businesses, who may have previously found hybrid cloud too complex, or large enterprises who can short-circuit a lengthy POC and decision-making process with a solution that is easy -- and cost-effective -- to install and test.

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friday 07 february 2014 @ 07:06 Steem Oberoy said : #1

Hybrid cloud aim to balance on demand capacity offored by public cloud computing. This Hybrid solutions are easy to use. Plug2watt principle is very advance which is use in flexpod.

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