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Two Workloads. One Cloud.

Written by James Weir - 20 september 2013

Today, UShareSoft's partner, Citrix, is announcing CloudPlatform 4.2, which will orchestrate both cloud-native workloads and existing enterprise workloads within a single cloud management platform.

Why is that important for UShareSoft and our customers?

Citrix CloudPlatform Logo Here at UShareSoft, we have one goal: helping you make it faster, easier and safer to deliver your software to the cloud. Our core competency has always been in software modeling: creating a meta-data server template of your full software stack, from the OS up to the application, and generating machine images for the hypervisor or cloud format you need.

Our customers asked us: how can I do this with my current workloads? How can I take this ability to model and generate to any environment, and apply it to live systems so I can migrate existing workloads to cloud without having to start from scratch?

We answered that question with UForge Migration, which enables you to migrate a live workload to any cloud in under 30 minutes. And, of course, model it so you can update or patch it before you migrate if you wish.

So UForge provides you with a bridge from virtualization to cloud—or between different clouds—letting you plan and execute a long-term strategy for private, public or hybrid cloud use.

You can easily migrate existing workloads to cloud, or build new applications designed specifically for cloud.

Citrix CloudPlatform Logo So today's announcement of CloudPlatform 4.2 from Citrix is right up our street. CloudPlatform lets you design zones for both traditional workloads—that expect reliability, need redundant hardware, high availability, back-up etc.—and new cloud-era workloads with applications that are designed to withstand failure and are deployed across multiple zones.

UForge lets you generate machine images to all the hypervisors supported by CloudPlatform. So using UForge and CloudPlatform together provides an end-to-end platform for delivering your IT services in a proven, enterprise-class cloud.

Learn about UShareSoft's new approach to cloud migration.

Read our white paper to find out more about bridging the gap from virtualization to cloud.

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