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Creating a Collaboration Workspace

Written by Elaine Muus - 13 june 2013

UForge allows users to create shared workspaces. Under the Collaboration tab, all users can create a number of workspaces, invite other users and share appliance templates with the members of their workspace. While the Marketplace shares your templates with all the users in the organization, with a collaboration workspace, you must invite specific users to join your workspace. Only users who accept the invitation will be able to view your appliance templates.

To create a workspace, go to the Collaboration tab and do the following:

  1. Click on the green plus (+) sign on the left hand, next to Workspaces.Workspaces

  2. Enter the workspace name.

  3. Select the organization from the drop-down menu. Note that once the workspace is created, you can invite members from any organization to your workspace but they must have a UForge login. If they do not have a UForge login, they will be invited to create one.

  4. Click "Create".

You can now invite users, share templates, and add comments in the activity stream.

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