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Adding Custom Software to Appliances

Written by Elaine Muus - 12 january 2015

There are two ways to add 3rd party software components or your own software to an appliance.

The first way is through the Project Catalog. This catalog provides a set of software components that you can quickly add to your appliance.

The second method is to use your private software library, known as “My Software”. This library can include any software that you upload into UForge.

To add custom software components you must upload the files, then add them to the existing appliance.

My Software overlay files (for example /etc/profile.d/ will be run before bootscripts when the machine is booted.

The following is a list of supported file formats:

Linux only:

- ".rpm" ("rpm i" will be executed)

- ".deb" ("dpkg -i" will be executed)

By default .rpm and .deb files will be installed at generation. This can be modified when you upload the files (see procedure below).

Windows only:

- ".msi"

- ".exe"

Linux and Windows compatible:

- .tar.bz2

- .bz2

- .tar.gz

- .tgz.bz2

- .tgz

- .gz

- .tar

- .zip



From UForge:

  1. Click on the "Software Library" button in the top left hand side. This opens your private Software Library.

  2. Click on the create button in the top right hand side.

  3. You are now prompted for the name and version of the software component you would like to add. For example "Wordpress" and the version "3.2.1". Click "Create" to complete.

  4. The software Overview page will now open. You can modify the name and version, and add a description.
  5. To upload the files, go to the Files page (see figure below). Click upload to select the files you want to add. And click save.
  6. Optionally, you can modify the default install path that will be used. If you have modified the name of your appliance, it may not be reflected in the install path. Click reset.
  7. By default .deb and .rpm files will be installed at generation time. Optionally you can edit the settings for those files. Click on the pencil on the right hand side of your uploaded file and un-select “Install this native package as part of the generation”. Click save. In this case, the .deb or .rpm archive file will just be in the directory but will not be installed at generation time.
  8. Optionally, you can select to unzip archives as part of the generation. To do so:
  • Click on the pencil on the right hand side of your uploaded file.

  • You can then edit the install path and if it should be extracted.

  • Click Save.

  1. Select the software components you want to add and click the down arrow button.

  2. Click save to add this software component to your appliance.

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