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Bento Boxes for Pre-Configured Application Provisioning

Written by Gillian Gover - 19 march 2013

This guest blog post comes to us courtesy of Tony Lucas, Product Champion and Founder at Flexiant. Today, UShareSoft and Flexiant announced that customers can now use UForge to create and maintain cloud server templates, ready for provisioning by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. They can also use these templates with Flexiant's Bento Boxes technology to build bespoke, multi-VM software solutions.

Guest Post from Tony Lucas, Flexiant

This week, Flexiant and UShareSoft announced our partnership to provide cloud service providers a way to quickly create and manage applications and associated cloud resources by integrating the UForge cloud software factory with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

The goal for most cloud service providers is to not only deliver the infrastructure, but the applications. Bento Boxes, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s functionality for delivering pre-configured application provisioning, is crucial part for us to deliver a truly powerful application solution.

Named after the complete Japanese meal in a box, Flexiant’s Bento Boxes work in the same way by delivering a complete application without worrying about the technical ingredients.

Because our Bento Box functionality is pretty cool, I thought I’d provided a Q&A on some of the features and benefits to the end users.

What is the Bento Box functionality?

Bento Boxes allows service providers to offer pre-packaged, configured and sophisticated application stacks ready to use. With an easy drag and drop user interface, service providers and their customers can build, deploy and share software templates graphically. Less tech-savvy users have the ability to easily deploy complex and pre-approved software stacks. This capability is unique to Flexiant and allows customers to achieve, through increased automation, efficiency gains and improved customer service levels previously unobtainable.

Bento Boxes offers bespoke customisation that can be built such that the end user can be offered the ability to customise parts of it at deployment time.

How do Bento Boxes benefit the service provider?

Flexiant’s Bento Box feature will allow customers to secure new revenue opportunities through the provisioning of pre-configured application stacks. End-users, such as IT administrators or developers, will find that Bento Boxes allow them to get their job done more efficiently and effectively.

Service providers will be able to offer customers a wide variety of pre-configured application stacks to encourage use of the platform. Service providers can differentiate against others while securing sticker revenue opportunities.

How do Bento Boxes benefit the service providers’ customers i.e. an IT administrator?

Bento Boxes remove the complexity of configuring and deploying applications for the end users. For the IT administrator this increases efficiency, while also increasing effectiveness of the end-user as they no longer need to go through a lengthy application provisioning process allowing them to get on with their job.

How do Bento Boxes benefit ISVs?

For the ISV, they can now offer a standard preconfigured edition of their software to different customers to provision and customise simple settings such as host name and e-mail settings during deployment themselves.

How do Bento Boxes benefit development and testing?

For developers, Bento Boxes enable them to deploy a complex infrastructure in one step and instantly for testing the latest iterations of software.

Learn more about Bento Boxes by watching our software features tour.

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