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Publishing Templates to VMware vSphere

Written by James Weir - 13 july 2012

This tutorial explains how to use UForge to generate and publish ESXi images to VMware's vSphere product. 

As a pre-requiste, you will need to have an account on a UForge platform. If you don't have access to one, you can sign up for free to UShareSoft's UForge Online platform. I am also assuming that you have actually built an appliance or template already. If this is all new to you, then you can follow the video that helps you build your first appliance.

There are three main steps:

Generating the Image

UForge will now use the template model, check package dependencies and build the ESXi image. While we are waiting for the image to finish generating (usually takes a few minutes), lets setup the credential information.


Creating a vSphere “Cloud Account”

Inside the UForge Builder UI:

Publish the Generated Image

Once the image has been generated, you can publish the image to vSphere. This image will be stored in one of the vSphere's datastores. In order to publish the image from UForge to vSphere you will need to know the name of the datastore where you want to publish the image to. To get the datastores available from vSphere:

Under the resources section, the Storage table displays all the available datastores. In my case, I have two datastores “datastore1” and “datastore2”.

Lets now publish our image to “datastore1”. Go to the UForge Builder UI, and view the template where we have generated the ESXi image. To publish:

UForge will now upload and register the image to the datastore.


There is nothing more to it.



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